Hood Theorem Book Reviews

A amazing coloring book. I love learning about celebrities, specially music stars. These books are great collectibles but great learning tools also. I have collected many of your books already and plan on collecting more. My son actually enjoyed most of them too! Thank you and keep doing what you do. - Maria

I was looking for the perfect gift and this book was a unique, my friend loved it! Excellent book - Tanya

Just a random comment, love name, bought a t-shirt. - JRoss

Thank you for helping me get my credit fixed. I can not thank you enough. Your credit book really did change my life. The bank theory is so boss! Thank you again very much sirs! - Bill
I love the biography coloring books, purchased several of them - vexoxo
I highly recommend your avon and mary kay book for anyone that wants to be a great seller! S Kahn
Thank you for this invaluable resource - Paul
I actually like the coloring book over Taylor. She is one of my favorite people - Cassidy B
As a life-long book collector, I am grateful that you created these books, simple books that I love - Bookw$rm
Negroes in My Attic is deliciously enlightening. Simple truths and steps that can bring anyone success! - Patty
My kids love this coloring books, very kid friendly coloring pages and biographies. Not designed for adults unless you are collecting. Love them! - A Canes
Great wholesale resource, gonna start my own business from the resources list! I give this book 5 stars! - Johnny
I just received your hard to find book about 2pac and biggie. Thank you Hood Theorem. I appreciate the love for making these books. - Lee F
Crafty, clever, useful, and fun - love you guys and your books - Wendy H.